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About Bamboo Knitting Needles


By Hong(Lisa)

CEO of 8Season


In market, there are a lot of knitting needles in plastic, aluminum, wood, bamboo! You can find that bamboo knitting needles are most popular and favored by experienced knitters all over the world!

Why Knitting With Bamboo?

Knitting with bamboo needles is a whole new knitting experience.

ü It is very smooth.

Bamboo needles seem to glide off each other and provide for an incredibly smooth yarn feed. The more you knit with them, the smoother they become to the touch. The needlepoint, with its tapered round shape never splits yarns - makes knitting easy. And it will never hurt your hands. This is especially very important for those new knitters.

If you have some bamboo needles in your hand, you will feel that bamboo needles are very comfortable and love them!

ü It is good for arthritis knitters.

It is good for arthritis knitters. Bamboo needles are especially beneficial to users with arthritis or other hand problems. Their lightweight and smooth surface features make bamboo needles easy to hold. Whether you have suffered from arthritis, or you just need relief from strain on your joints, bamboo needle will be your best choice.

Here greatly thanks for Di Childs's suggestion:

“Hello Lisa and Catherine, I have been reading your article how bamboo needles are made. It is very interesting. I was surprised that you do not say that bamboo needles can be helpful to people who have problems with their hands.
My daughter and I both have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Our hands are much better if we use bamboo needles. Last winter I used metal needles and my hands were very painful. This winter I used bamboo needles and I have had much less pain.
I have a friend who has arthritis in her hands and she has tried some of my bamboo needles. She finds her hands are more comfortable and she is going to replace all her old metal needles with bamboo ones.”


ü It is very quiet.

Do not want to disturb other persons, when you are knitting on subway or some other quiet places? Bamboo knitting needles are very quiet and will help you to enjoy the knitting even in some special places.


ü It is warm during cold winter

Compared to aluminum needles, it is very warm during the cold winter. Cold weather will not be able to prevent you from enjoying knitting.


ü It is very light

It is very lightweight. Tests show that they are 60% lighter than aluminum needles of the same size. Therefore it is very easy for you to take them with you. You can use some simple silk cases to hold them and place them into your handbag. Your hand will also tire even after long hours of knitting.

Why choose 8season Bamboo Knitting Needles?


Compared to aluminum needles, it is very warm during the cold winter. Cold weather will not be able to prevent you from enjoying knitting.

Many knitters work hard to learn all they can about yarns and how to knit in different ways, but do not pay as much attention to their tools. 8Season bamboo knitting needles look simple, but years of experience have built that quiet exterior into one of the best knitting needles available.


With 8Season’s unique processing technique, our bamboo knitting needles make for smooth knitting right from the start!

  1. Finest bamboo are selected to produce needles

Natural bamboo is among the finest knitting needle materials, and processing the tip and manufacturing the needle to uniform, standard diameters is still a difficult task. 8Season selects only the finest bamboo, practices strict quality control to assure you get the finest knitting needles you’ll ever use.


  1. Bamboo needles are specially processed.

Experience the smooth, lightweight feel and warmth of 8Season’s Bamboo Knitting Needles. The more you knit with our needles, the more you’ll love to knit. With an extensive and highly technological process, each 8Season Bamboo knitting needle has a high quality, smooth finish, and a perfect needlepoint with uniform standards. Because of this process, these needles will never split your yarns. Only the finest top quality material of bamboo is used to make 8Season knitting needles. Try 8Season’s Bamboo Knitting Needles for a life long knitting experience.

  1. 8Season bamboo knitting needles are supplied to a lot of retailers all over the world

We have about 80 regular wholesale buyers in United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and other countries. Some of them are reselling bamboo needles on ebay, some of them are reselling in local market. All of them are very successful in their business! They are very satisfied with our products!



How 8Season Bamboo Knitting Needles are produced?


The building of an 8Season needle begins with selecting only the choicest natural bamboo from China. As you know, China has plenty of bamboo all over the country, especially in the North-east of China. Not all bamboo is the same. 8Season chooses bamboo from cold climates. These bamboo trees are hard and highly resistant to bending, making them most suitable for Knitting Needles. Additionally, the bamboo comes from regions with the least amount of snowfall to avoid those stems that have been bent or damaged by weight of the snow.

Young bamboos have woody fibers that are too soft, and the older ones are too brittle. 8Season selects fully matured trees and properly aged bamboo stock with uniform density and length. The trees are harvested in the winter season because it is at this time that they contain less water so as to avoid staining and molding. During the winter, the woody fibers are tighter and produce a needle with a strong density.


Bent bamboos are rejected as are those portions near the joints (nodes) or roots, as these areas contain bent fibers. 8Season used only those bamboo sections between nodes that have adequate density. The bent portions, shoots and roots of bamboo trees are discarded. The portion immediately under the bamboo surface contains tight fibers that are hard and resilient and this is the most suitable material for 8Season knitting needles.



Once the perfect raw sections have been selected, the long-nurtured 8Season manufacturing technique is employed to ensure you get the best quality bamboo needle ever! Needles are finished to accurate specifications to a uniform thickness and ultra-smooth finish. With the proper glide of the yarn, your hands won’t feel tired – even after knitting for a long time. The shape of the needle point is rounder by 8Season’s own proprietary method so they don’t split yarns, and ensure even loops for a beautiful knit finish.

8Season Bamboo Knitting Factory  8Season Bamboo Knitting Factory

These high quality 8Season needles, available in all the popular sizes and lengths will provide you countless hours of relaxing knitting. The more you knit with them, the more you’ll love knitting.

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